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Okay, I have revisited this thread.
I currently have a pair of SG10s and a pair of Balance Oiled - I LOVE them both. I use the SG10s for off road, and racing. and the Balance for commuting.
However I am seeking something in between protection wise, for Adventure rides. The G-Midland seems like a good option. I really wish they used a 3rd strap up top instead of Velcro.

I have some questions regarding sizing of the G-Midland.
I wear a 10 / 44.5 in the "Balance" and they fit great.
Based on your comment below, should I go up a size?


Originally Posted by Brtp4 View Post
I am still learning, but first impressions are that they are NOT similar to most other Gaerne models - they are smaller.

Most Gaerne off road boots are a little generous. This includes the MX and the trials boots. These fit more like the G-Adventures, which are slightly smaller in the toebox area. When we initially began shipping the G-ADVs, we got returns from many people with other Gaerne boots, that felt they were too small. Since then we randomly 2x check customer orders on their size choices, and returns are now minimal.

It is never a good idea to think of fit in 2 dimensional terms (bigger or smaller) but generally speaking I would say these are about 1/2 - 1/3 size small.

To fit Gaernes, we always suggest you take an average of the EU (NOT USA size) size of 3 - 4 pair of your casual, athletic, or hiking shoes (NOT other moto boots) and cross against this:

8 = 42
9 = 43
10 = 44.5
11 = 46
12 = 47
13 = 48

I suggest you stay at or preferrably under the EU size. Don't egregiously order larger than normal. FWIW I am a 46.5, and wear an 11/46 in SG10s, SG12s, GX1s, and Balance. In these and in the G-ADV I am a 12/47.

As with all motorcycle boots, we recommend staying slightly large on sizing, and adding a performance insole. Insoles make a huge improvement in fit and comfort, and have the net effect of slightly reducing the size.

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