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My ADVersys

Hi. This is my first attempt at a build thread.

The bike is already done but I haven't had the time to start a thread during the build so I'll just do it now instead.

I have had the bike for about a year now and I love it. I'ts just so much fun.

Sadly the winter came and I didn't want my baby to be out in the cold. A thought started to grow in my mind, Is it possibly to bring the bike in to my appartment during the winter?

I decided to give it at try. I am a student and live in small apartment at 21m^2 so first I had to carry out the diner table and some chairs to the storage.

About twenty minutes later the bike was safe inside.

After a few weeks I couldn't keep my hands off it. So I started to disassemble the front end and tried out a few ideas with some cardboard shaped into two round lights and cowlings.
Don't have any pictures off that but I decided that I liked the idea and it didn't took long before I found some lights that maybe could fit right into the original mountings.

While waiting for the lights I wondering about cutting the cowlings but didn't know if I dared to or not, but I decided to go for it.

I found some left over plastic boxes and patched up the front of the cowlings using glue and the soldering iron to melt plastic in the gap between the cowling and the patch.
The results was pretty god. I did paint it later with a thick black paint to get a smoother surface.

Also had time to make some mountings for the GPS and the power outlet.

Finally the lights arrived. And it was a perfect fit between the original mountings.
I just had to fabricate a small extension from the original mounts to fit the lights.

It's alive..

Also fabricated some protection for all the wires behind the lights.

At the same time a package with the sw-motech gravel guard, bar riser and footrest kit arrived

Here's some pictures of it on the bike.

After some finishing touches like painting the brackets for the lights etc I thought it was almost done.
But I became impatient and started to look around for a 19" V-strom wheel just to see how hard it was to find and how expensive it would be.
It was hard to find one. But when I did the price was just right and a few weeks later this arrived.

Now all I had to do was to measure the brake rotors and spacers and to drop it off at the workshop. All according to jdrocks guide in one of his build threads. (hope it's ok to mention you here).

When I got the spacers and rotors back from the workshop it was an easy process to install the wheel.
Only thing to do was to rise the front fender 4.5cm (which allowed me to use the standard crossover brake line)
and to shim the brakes 1mm.

Here's some pictures of the swap and the finished bike

Can barely wait until summer.

I have also made some other changes that was done before I brought the bike inside, they are:
Rear/front mud protection.
Two toolboxes made of PVC pipe.
Vario screen.
Givi hard cases mountings.
Zeta handguards.
SW-motech engine guard.
Leovince slip on.
Thor mc-alarm.

I still have some things I want to do.
New tires.
R1 rear shock.
Other front forks or maybe just change the oil etc.
Swap in a matching black three spoke rear.

But that won't be until the summer or next winter.

If you have any questions just ask and I will be happy to answer.

Hope you like it.


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