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Originally Posted by grumpybear View Post
I spooned on the new K60 Scout front tire on the KLR this afternoon and thought it might be fun to go for a quick ride down the road a couple of miles. The snow that had fallen earlier had made the road pretty slushy and the couple of cars I met showed no courtesy or consideration when meeting them so I thought heading home was the best idea. Once home, I took the KLR out into the hay field, the front K60 has a lot more traction in the snow than the Shinko 705 ever did on wet pavement. I had fun out carving in the snow, quite a few times I was pushing snow with the tool tube mounted up on the skid plate (about 12in to the top of the tube). The rear K60 really digs, the front feels good, I'm looking forward to spring!
I hope the set I have for the wee strom perform as well.
Humm, I was looking at those for replacement, in a few more miles...! Thanks for the "review"...!

As for the cagers, we're in Alberta!! Since when people around here started showing any consideration for motorcyclists to begin with, and in Winter on top of it all???
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