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I have just ordered my second Parklife GPS unit, I was originally running it on a Tenere 660z, put about 7000kms on it, now it sits on-board my KTM 350 and takes some serious punishment. The first one lasted me about 10 months before the backlights on the LCD failed, so the unit still works you just cant see the screen.
I never bothered with the original software, straight away I got Ozi Explorer put on and that has been great for off-roading.
The GPS is not water proof, I managed to get water between the touch screen and the LCD making it do random things, a week of drying sorted that out. There are holes where the speaker is so you can hear it, and the seal around the screen is not that great.
I have had a lot of trouble with the unit switching off whilst riding usually when you hit a decent bump. The first mod was hard wire the unit, bypassing the pin system on the back to ensure perfect connection. I utilised the water-proof plug that comes with it, this gave it some improvement. The next was to pack the battery tight, a business card does the trick stopping the battery from moving around. Neither of these methords fixed to problem completely but reduced the frequency of it cutting out. A quick hot-start means its not a great problem.
Now its on the KTM 350 I've put a flap over the screen to avoid mud, and water getting on it, this is after a muddy ride and a tiny stick got jammed between the plastic housing and the touch-screen pushing on the touch screen, locking the screen so you couldn't make it do anything.
Its not the best made unit on the market, but for the price if I destroy it (highly likely) then I'm not going to be to worried about it. Its an excellent piece of gear to have on the bike, I have found so many new tracks and am never to stressed about getting lost anymore.
I hope this info helps, I have a couple of pics of the mounting.
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