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Damm Good Wallet

I looked in a drawer in my office I have about 10 wallets in it that I have used and moved on to others including a very expensive tumi the one I have used for the last three years is a big skinny folder DL on the outside view pocket, inside is a insurance card, sams card one credit card (visa) and one debit card and thats it, it goes in my left ft pocket, money clip in my right ft pocket along with my knife clipped to my watch pocket or to my pant pocket I don't put my keys in my pocket any more I use a carabner and hook them to a belt loop, they are a lot more accessable. I also have a big skinny card holder with my fuel cards and company debit card in it, I keep it in my laptop carry bag. my cell is on my belt or in my tank bag, when I am driving I usually lay it on the center console and use a bluetooth
Works for me
Like a lot of people I can't stand to have any thing in my back pocket, one of the techs that I used to work with was haveing back problems his doctor took away his big truckers wallet dumped the contents in a bag kept the wallet, and told him to return in two weeks, his back problems lessened quite a bit, after two months w/o his big wallet they were almost gone.
he was lost with out that big thing but his back felt better
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