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Elsewhere on the forum you will see where I have dedicated myself to ride this awful pile in NMTA's Twinshock class this year.

It is an effort spearheaded by myself to see the Twinshock class succeed here with NMTA. Since this bike has been (at best) thrown together, I thought I would at least shore up a few shortcomings for the upcoming season.

I started by dragging off the back porch. I had dumped it back there after winning my class in the McClanahan fun Trial last fall.

Accepting the 1st place medal last year with quiet dignity and grace -

Anyhoo, I decided to weld up a positive stop onto the OE kickstarter stop bracket. The OE bracket never really worked that well, allowing the kickstarter to rotate past it on multiple occasions. Since I am NOT going to split the cases on this heap to replace a broken kickstarter gear (I'll junk it first), I decided to nip that problem in the bud.

The well-worn stop bracket -

I cut a piece of 3/8" square steel stock, and welded it up -

Some cheap no-name rattlecan black paint hid my goober welds -

While I had the MIG welder out, I figured I might as well widen the stock footpegs. I had lowered them 4 years ago when I assembled this mess, but never got around to making them more proper Trials pegs. I knew exactly where I had left the other set of 'Flex pegs on the shelf, along with other leftover 'Flex parts. I figured maybe an hour's worth of cutting apart the leftover pegs and welding them onto the bike's pegs would be well worth it. Just one problem....

Yup, one peg has gone MIA. I gave up looking for it after an hour-and-a-half. It's gone, no clue where it got off to.

While re-installing the kickstarter stopper bracket, I noticed that the spark plug cap had a bit of a problem -

Removing the cap revealed another problem -

Hmmm. I really should replace that spark plug. It has been in there since I built the bike.

Naah. I straightened the plug pin with some pliers, and replaced the cap.

The duct-tape seat cover is looking a bit ratty -

So in the spirit of OJ, I left it alone. I gave the old heap a quickie bath, lubed the chain, and put it away for the evening.

Lookout NMTA Twinshock, here we come!
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