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With your apparent focus on precision and accuracy, would you try to get the chemistry right? I'm pretty sure there is no "lithium iron cobalt cell". Lithium-cobalt is what is generically called lithium-ion. Is that what you mean? It appears that the lithium cobalt chemistry is what was causing the laptop fires but it was due to contaminates in the cathode.

overcharge and under-discharge protection circuits have been around for quite sometime. ALL portable devices containing multiple li-ion cells should contain protection circuits. Laptops were the power user for li-ion cells for quite sometime. a power management system was mandatory. even then fires/explosions started hitting the news. Sony and Apple both had their share of devices with li-ion cells go into thermal runaway... resulting in fires/explosions. naturally they were among the first to made the switch to lithium iron cobalt. too much liability not to.
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