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CRC red can is tough stuff too..gumout leaves an oily residue behind...brake clean will do as well but you better have all the rubber off or void hitting it tends to swell up rubber for a lil bit before it urns back to normal

something i should note for ANYONE striping paint....a brake fluid soak is generaly safe on 95% of most items..with the exception being certain plastics..specificly that of turn signals and tail lights...but is ultra safe on other ive been using the same tub (a cut down antifreeze jug) for doing 24 and 25th scale model cars for over 15 years..and only had it soften the plastic a few times..but after a wash its as good as new..ive used brake fluid to remove paint from tins, plastic bike fenders, pretty well everything under the sun..but it will disolve most tail lights
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