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Originally Posted by inbred View Post

1) I'm not above utilizing a bit of self deprecating humor.
2) Like I said, I've used dry bags, and panniers before. These things are like a black hole, compared with anything I've used before. Ever notice how some pole barns are built with translucent panels in the roof? Notice how when you go inside one, it's easier to see than one which is completely sealed off? That's what a window would do in these packs. It would let ambient light in right at the top portion of your gear. I understand your comment about hard bags and other bags letting light in. But what I failed to take into consideration is the fact that the dry bags "roll portion" extends up 11 inches. The bags you're making reference to do not have this 11 inch portion rising upwards like a mushroom cloud. Remember those green canvas ARMY duffels marijuana smugglers fancy? Imagine one made out of Black Rubber. Imagine all your gear is in the bottom 14 inches of the bag. Then imagine bending over opening the bag and looking for gear deep within. That's why I included the photos to illustrate the point. On a scale of one to ten for efficient gear retrieval, I rate these a 3. That's significantly lower than any other bike pack I've owned. Given I'm closing in on half a century of living and 44 years of riding, that means something. At least to me. A window would do WONDERS washing light over the gear right where it is needed. I recognize I could be wrong, but I'm a pretty smart guy.
3) I'll suppose I'll take your bet. This summer I'l post a video of my gnarliest hill climb while fully loaded down trying to get to that amazing high elevation campsite. You then post yours. Well let the inmates decide. Loser sends a bottle of booze to the winner. I suppose this is where you'll make your exit. :

I know a lot of folks revere Wolfman. It's a decent company. I certainly am not trying to disparage them. But I spent a lot of time researching this set up and obviously overlooked some things. Like the Gigundo, bright-yellow Wolfman patch centered on the pack, screaming to the world, "I am Wolfman". But if I overlooked these issues I am confident others may as well. Maybe by reading my INITIAL thoughts they will have a bit more info to consider.

Good thing I held back a little on my thoughts. Looks like there would have been a public lynching if I really said my piece. Of course, if the posse were riding them heavy adventure bikes I could've lost them easy-like. I mean no disrespect. Just giving a few honest observations. No amount of public scorn will suppress my valid thoughts, however.
I appreciate all opinions. The issues that you have would not lead me to the consideration of selling them though. I don't have the black ones so I guess I would have to say that I really can't comment on the light problems. Try the little trash can mod and I guarantee that will help!
I will take your bet. No way would I back down from that one. Even if I do have to send you some booze. Either way it will be fun! I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities when I do my cont. divide ride this year!
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