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When we first got the 86 I didn't know much about the oil flowing to head issue and ended up running around on the bike for 20 or 30 minutes with no oil, none, getting to the top end. I had been wondering if that did any damage, and after riding around for 500 miles or so she started getting hard to start. Pulled the engine out and found the cam and rockers were ground up. The Center journal in the head had scoring as did the mating journal in the rocker cover although that was much lighter.

I did find what looks like a decent head, valve cover, and rockers over on E-bay, so those are on the way, but I am still looking for the cam. I could send the original to Megacam but the total cost is somewhere north of $270 ( the center has to be repaired which adds to the cost as well as California Tax). So I am looking for a less expensive alternative; for reference, the prices listed on the fiches for a new one is around $140, which of course are no longer available.
This was posted over in the thread Early (85-87) XR600R/XL600R Camshaft options ???

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It may be a bit more expensive but if you change cam covers and some rockers you can use the later model cam,I did it on an XBR500 or GB500 to you guys, as you know it is the same engine as the early singles without the auto decomp, I wanted a manual decomp as i made it into a 600 with higher comp for a race engine and I had a later model cover and cam.
So I am wondering if anyone else has gone this route and what if any modifications would have to be done. There seem to be plenty of rocker covers, rockers, and cams available for anything newer than 87. If not I am still in the market for a cam.
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