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I finally got the chance to try out the new Neo today, about 42 degrees F and up to 70 MPH on the road.

The fit is identical to the RF-1000 I'm coming from, but the cheek/jowl/ear area has much better padding. Even the brow was extremely comfortable. As a special note, the clearance between my chin and the chin bar was ample; I tried my best 'jay leno' and could barely touch the chin bar. This should address a common complaint from Multitec users.

I wear eyeglasses, and because of the abundant padding around the ear, even though there is a channel for glasses, I had to remove them to put on and take off the helmet; minor inconvenience.

The interior noise level was stunning; extremely quiet to both wind noise and ambient noise (engine revs, other traffic, etc.) Opening the chin vent increased noise. I ran with the top vent open then closed, and airflow was great with no appreciable increase in wind noise; with the top vent open it sent a jet of cool air directly on top of my scalp - would help when the temp gets warmer. I also had the rear vent open throughout, as I like airflow. I think they could have designed a better rear vent, or vents, to help increase outflow.

My helmet had the chin curtain installed, and I also installed the breath guard. The breath guard is substantially less than the one on the RF-1000, it seemed to make no difference. The chin guard was great in keeping cold air from intruding, but it became a negative at stoplights...the visor would fog almost immediately (bright, dry day). Opening the chin vent delayed the fogging for about 30 seconds; the helmet doesn't exhaust quite as well as the RF-1000, and the chin curtain is the cause. Maybe I'll just remove it. Also, I don't have the enclosed pinlok shield installed yet, I'll cope until the start of next cold season when I'll install it.

The internal sun visor was a huge selling point for me; I would have to switch out dark/clear visors on the RF-1000 daily; a minor pain but the spare visor takes up room in the tank bag. With the Neo's sun visor, all was great! It doesn't come down as far as I'd like (leaves about 3/4" gap between bottom of visor and top of chin guard), but it served its purpose on this sunny day. The slide for deploying the shield operates smoothly but I have to grope for it, until I learn instinctively where it is.

As this is my first experience with modulars, I can't comment on the chin bar release mechanism and operation, other than to say it was flawless and solid, with latching components made of metal (not plastic).

Overall I'm extremely satisfied with the Neotec. Once the warm/hot weather comes I'll have to see if this will cut it (with static airflow, seemed like it would be very warm inside).

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