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Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
There is no real need for welding extra parts on the kickstart cure the problem on your bike all that was required was to loosen the kicker clamp bolt and tap the lever inwards fully onto the spline.
Been done multiple times. The kickstarter lever always made it's way back out to the end of the shaft, and usually at the exact wrong time. The welded bracket took up a whopping 45 minutes out of my life, so I call it good.

Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
9-42/44 gearing works well on these little bikes, and there is no need for enormous back sprockets which are quite susceptible to damage.
Tried that. It was still a bit speedy, since the XR200 based engine does not have a really low primary gearing. OJ is a bit more versatile with the low gearing, especially in soft sand (where most of the next Trial is set, BTW). For long hillclimbs, I just upshift.

Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
Steepening the head angle 2 degrees moving the rests down and back a little improves steering handling a great deal, and with a few simple mods to intake and exhaust a TLR is reasonably competitive against modern bikes in easier events.
I have a very nice 4RT for modern events. No desire whatsoever to cut and weld the frame on OJ. Ditto for intake and exhaust mods. The pegs have already been lowered, and widening them is in the works. I will modify the upper clamp for some Fatbars soon, along with raising them a bit. As for a bunch of hootchie mods after that, pass. It works just fine in it's own magnificently crappy way.
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