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So Saturday will be my last day at my current job. Next sunday a friend is coming to buy the last few bits of furniture, and I suspect that will be the day when my car's new owner will arrive. Therefore I'm looking to leave in the morning on March 5, giving me a maximum of 24 days to get to Bellingham and board the ferry. So far, I've plotted everything from a direct 2800 mile route to a roundabout 5500 mile meander through the lower 48. The last 2 legs of the trip are easy enough: the ferry trip, and the 650 mile run from Haines to Fairbanks.

Between Maryland and Bellingham? I'm still trying to pick a general direction. I think I'm going to play in Appalachia for a little while, then start cutting west across the middle of the country. Basically going to let the weather push me in one direction or another. I've gotten a few very very generous offers for room and board along the way so far, and since I have the time I'm happy to oblige.

Heated grips (Hot Grips) arrived yesterday from Lockitt Products. I purchased a used but well cared for Aerostich Roadcrafter from a local good-guy (wreckchecker here on ADV) earlier today along with some fleece pants and a down jacket for warmth up north. Hoping my heated gear arrives soon...
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