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Meh. They are a blast on dirt roads. I wanna take my Connie off the pavement but I've got to convince myself to buy the $200 crash bars first--they are fragile bikes, unlike the XL.

Even with the crash bars, I wouldn't want to drop a Concours hard. The crash bars screw into where the engine mounting bolts are. Fucking something up there in a drop would be a bad time indeed. For parking lot-type drops, what I did was get some pipe insulation from Home Depot (1" diameter) and wrapped the crash bars with it for some extra shock absorption, so that the impact doesn't break any bolts or more expensive parts. The insulation sticks to itself but I used zip ties also.

Concours is scary off pavement. Top-heavy 700lb 4-cylinder bike with rattling plastics kind of eliminates any fun.
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