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Embarrassing moment happened to me today with regards to the pants.

It pays to be careful when you put your bike keys into your pants pocket! My wife and I were out for a ride. We stopped to grab a bite to eat at our local pub. I mistook the side zip vent for a pocket, unzipped it and dropped my bike keys in there. I eventually realized my mistake, thinking that they would just end up dropping out the bottom of the leg.

Nope! They ended up down by the cuff of the trousers, but trapped inside the space between the outer shell and inner liner. Now imagine the scene. Middle of town, out in front of local Harley bar. Two BMWs in the "Harley Parking Only" space. Me with my leg vent unzipped whilst my wife's fishing around with her arm buried down my pants telling me I should "just take them off!"

Oh well, all's well that ends well. She got the keys out and we had a nice dinner. Nobody was injured falling off their bar stools laughing at us, either.
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