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Fairing Mount

I looked into several fairing options, and found that the Britannia Composites' pricing was competitive even versus used Honda fairings on eBay. The Lynx fairing comes with separate high and low beam halogens and a harness centered around the three prong adaptor that most automotive light bulbs are made to mate with. The three prong connector then breaks off into a split harness, powering the two separate relays and light fixtures. Connecting through the three prong harness allows you to control the lights with the existing dimmer switch.
Powering the new lights was as easy as connecting that three prong duder to the Sportster's headlight harness, running back the new harness' lead and ground wires to the power source, and connecting the split harnesses to their respective light fixtures, but something I did caused my right front turn signal to stop working. Should be easy enough to trace back and fix that, and once I do I'll then run all lights through the kill switch.

Here's that three prong plug in its natural habitat on the Sportster. It's got two grounds, one that runs back and connects through the harness to the other lights up front, and one that grounds to the light housing (shown here marked with masking tape).

Three prong plug separated from the OEM arrangement.

...and here it is reconnected, without the headlight housing. The wire that grounded the harness to the housing I spliced into the ground on the Britannia harness and ran back to the frame underneath of the seat.

As it appears from the front, the fairing is looking pretty slick!

I drilled out the bottom triple clamp and tapped to 1/4"x20.

...and here between the triple clamp and the fender you can see I have also implemented lockwashers and nuts, just to be sure this sucker doesn't rattle off, as have so many other highway decorations from this bike.

The three pronged plug is shown here, splitting off to the two light fixtures. All this will be neatly concealed behind the dash soon.

All in all, there were a few issues in connecting the fairing to my Honda-Davidson front end, and there are still a few more yet to be worked out, but from selecting the right fairing and mounting hardware to wiring, lighting, shipping and mounting questions, Ian at Britannia Composites has been quick to get back to me by phone and email - the company really seems to have a vested interest in the outcome of the project.

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