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Does anybody really know why Mitas USA don't want to sell us tires?
I was ready to buy the E-07 but shipping was $50.00 from Canada. Not worth it.

and the mitasmx site don't even work anymore, all it shows is closeout Trelleborg tires no matter what you click on.
Even if you try to buy one of the tires shown, click on add to cart and it just comes back to the same page.
I might be interested in some Trelleborg MX tires, but the links don't work.

I did call Mitas USA some time ago and asked why they don't sell the E07. It was hard to understand him but I think he said something abut DOT and being sued or something.

They really need to sign up someone that really can sell tires like Revzilla and motorcycle-superstore. The sales volume would increase many times over.
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