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I may sound like a broken record adding to the foray but my customer service but my phone calls to the company mirror other peoples.

Tow pro has the them through an outlet like Revzilla or Motorcycle Superstore.

We are a pretty self sufficient community. All we really need is:
a) a place to order stock
b) a responsive person to contact when we have issues with the product and questions about availability that will -> provide us with actual answers to our questions and treat us like the valued customers we are.
c) a distributor that isn't going to rake us over the coals on prices and shipping charges. (Only way I'll pay the shipping charges from Canada is for a bulk order).

That's customer service 101. I'm not really sure why it's so difficult for some companies to implement that model. If it were my company I'd fire the dead weight that was responsible for creating the situations that lead to the negative press then ensure that I had a business plan in place that covers the entire breadth of product marketing, sales, and delivery.

If a company can't get it together they should hire a marketing/sales firm to do it for them and bite the bullet on paying the cost of outsourcing those services.

Revzilla is great -> reputable ->EXCELLENT customer service. As a launching platform to fill in while Mitas figures out how to organize so that it can get product to customers, Revzilla would be perfect intermediary between the customer and the tires.

The question that Mitas needs to ask itself is really basic -> Does Mitas want to sell M/C tires or don't they? If the answer is that they don't then great, all is fine because that's how things stand. If the answer to that question is that they do in fact want to sell M/C tires to the U.S. market then Mitas needs to change how the M/C line is handled.

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