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Oh crap, I bought another POS...

Finally after a couple weeks of lurking and reading about M72s I called the number on the sign from outside the filmmaker's house. this was just before Christmas. The owner was a good guy and he told me the story of how he got the rig, the details of how it was built and the old boozer who built it, the travails he had getting it back here and titled, and the mechanical issues he'd had since. Evidently the bike was hard to start, so he gave it over to a mechanic friend who got it running semireliably and brought it back. But when eventually the kickstarter stopped working altogether the mechanic had had enough. That's when the bike began it's lonely vigil in front of the house.

Anyway, the owner was looking for someone who would give the bike a good home and he told me figures he had turned down from other prospective buyers. They were all surprisingly high. I told him what I thought it would take to get the thing back on the road and what I thought I could afford to pay and still do that, all the while halfway hoping he'd say No. What was I going to do with another project? Where would I keep it- my shed is full!

Sold! he said. Crap! I thought. Too high. Anyway, we shook on it and after the holidays I went over with my neighbor and we got the rig home in my truck in two trips.

I pumped up the tires with a footpump. The mud cracked around them and it rose up a good three inches. We got it in neutral and rolling. I had soaked all the connectors with PB Blaster the night before, so we were able to separate the car from the bike easily enough.

The ladies used to check me they just keep an eye on me.
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