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Back home...

...I gave the bike a quick spray down and let it dry, then trundled it into the basement. No room in my shed. The sidecar went into the neighbor's garage. I haven't figured out where this thing will live once it's back together. I'll worry about that later...

I'm no mechanic. I do maintenence on my bikes, but I've never rebuilt a motor before. This is my first endeavor with a total rebuild. Just jumping in feet-first. What can go wrong?

I got the bike in and situated after shifting loads of crap around. Where did I collect all this stuff?

I have bought neglected junkers before and been fortunate enough to get them running after installing new batteries, rebuilding the carbs, and general tune-ups, but it was quickly evident that wasn't going to be the case.

Under some dirt I found this manufacturer's stamp. I think it means IMZ. Anybody know for sure?

The casting is top notch, eh?

General rust and grime everywhere..

The carbs are K302 flat-slides with an off-set bowl. Pretty cool, but crude. My reading says these are incorrect for the bike- I need K37s, which are copies of the old Bings that one still might see on a /2 Beemer.

Check out the precision ground screws holding the slide in.

Eww! The intake chamber was full of goo. The bowl had actual varnish crystals. All the o-rings and little paper gaskets are toast. I found rebuild kits in Estonia!
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