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Is it just me, or does anyone else find that both SJ and TT braces are seriously lacking good instruction sets and information?

From TT Instructions:

You will need to trim approximately 18mm or less from the top of the headlight ears.
From SJ Instructions:

4. Remove the headlight ears (E) and trip .65 inch from the top of the ears using a hack saw.
Typos and lack of information does not inspire confidence when tackling a project that includes trimming metal. Shouldn't they likely just MAKE some some new ears and include them or make them an option?

I know this isn't rocket science, and I'm the first one to admit I'm not as mechanically inclined as many of folks on this sweet forum, but if I was a businessman, I'd probably want to appeal to a broader audience.

I'd really like either one of these products, but in my opinion there is a lot of room for improvement for instructions. San Jose especially looks like someone had to draw one up in under 10 minutes; the most elaborate part of the instructions is the warranty.

See here for how real instructions look:

I'm not trying to put either company down, I'm just saying as a consumer I'd like a little bit more "feel good" if I'm going to drop $170 on a product.
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