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Originally Posted by melville View Post
Nope, no trouble. The hole was tight enough that I couldn't get a socket on the plug with the sender tang bent to fit the hole. Motor is out for other reasons right now and I may JB Weld the sender in place to ease future plug changes. On a VW the plugs sit inside a fanshroud and it's extremely hard to hold the sender in place whilst installing the plug.
Oh nice, that's a really good idea, I'll have to take the lesson from you there. I'm guessing I'll have to buy another temp sending unit from Vapor, I get to feeling so pressured to finish that sometimes I do dumb things like this in haste, but I'm assuming that the small cylinder attached to the copper ring is a transducer, and I may have broken it. I guess I'll try it out first, that could always be one of those things that gets replaced years later, once I know the build is at least reliable.
Thanks for the help, this really sets me at ease on the matter of the TSU.
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