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Originally Posted by herbieGB View Post
Hey, I just gotta Freightliner thats an 04 Im converting. Think they had a couple years labeled as both.

Hey, thanks for all the great ideas! Great post(s)!
Thinkin im gonna go the hanging method for my bed(s) though. Hook and eyelet on the wall and eyelets and straps from the ceiling, then i can adjust the angle when parking/sleeping on streets, or throw the bed on the roof rack stary nights

Welcome to the Cult of Sprinter. Enjoy the rust! I've got an '03 'Dodge' with the DOG / ADV / Bad Monkey Racing rebadge kit.

SPRINTER THREAD NOW! (So we quit pooping up Geek's thread. The Vans! thread can think we're a bit snooty / whiney at times. Guess we're the BMW GSs of the Van World )
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