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Originally Posted by gfx View Post
Is it just me, or does anyone else find that both SJ and TT braces are seriously lacking good instruction sets and information?

From TT Instructions:

From SJ Instructions:

Typos and lack of information does not inspire confidence when tackling a project that includes trimming metal. Shouldn't they likely just MAKE some some new ears and include them or make them an option?

I know this isn't rocket science, and I'm the first one to admit I'm not as mechanically inclined as many of folks on this sweet forum, but if I was a businessman, I'd probably want to appeal to a broader audience.

I'd really like either one of these products, but in my opinion there is a lot of room for improvement for instructions. San Jose especially looks like someone had to draw one up in under 10 minutes; the most elaborate part of the instructions is the warranty.

See here for how real instructions look:

I'm not trying to put either company down, I'm just saying as a consumer I'd like a little bit more "feel good" if I'm going to drop $170 on a product.
Including headlight ears for an old airhead would double or triple the price if they were new. It's just not feasible.
Get yourself a Dremel for $45 and a cut-off attachment for another $8, scribe the top of the ears as described, clamp them down, and take your time cutting. Clean up with a sharp file. I just installed my new TT brace the other weekend. It took an afternoon, operating at a relaxed pace. Just be methodical and you won't have any problems!
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