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Originally Posted by spagthorpe View Post
I had forgot about that one. When I saw the above pics, I had flashbacks to the several thousand I spent each year I owned mine. Always something breaking on it. As much as I loved it, I got out while I was still fiscally afloat. Most of what hadn't gone bad yet was the really expensive stuff, the $6K and up repairs.

They are awesome vehicles if you can afford to run them. Mine exceeded my expectations for what it would do at times, but realize, no matter how cheap a used one appears to be, they are not cheap vehicles.

The good news is that for routine maintenance, they aren't too bad. It's only when something goes boom that it becomes a problem. Especially if you don't have a place near to have it towed.

I should have posted the 'and when they're bad, they're bad' in full disclosure.

The best thing about the Sprinter, is its a Mercedes. The worst thing about the Sprinter, is its a Mercedes.

Gee. Its Friday night. I need to get out more.
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