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Originally Posted by brewtus View Post
I'll admit, I stole this thread idea from a Toyota Land Cruiser forum that I belong to. But it's a cool idea.

So what did you do with your Trials Bike today? Maintenance? Compete? Overhaul? Restore? Nothing? Post it here!

I'll start off. I dragged out my old 314 Montesa to get it ready for Trials Camping Silliness next year, and decided that the destroyed LH bar switch (that controlled the long-gone lighting system) had to go.

Yeah, I know the hillbillied choke lever is hideous. Gimmie time....

After only 27 minutes of wrestling, the lighting wiring harness was freed from the 314...

I did discover that I had a new 314 clutch cable hidden with some new Aprilla Climber cables I had lying around.....

The 'Prilla cables seem to match the 314 cables exactly. Hmmmm....I may have to replace the throttle and clutch cables with these. I mean after all, it's SO much easier to come up with Aprilla cables than Montesa cables....

The finished product.

I just noticed that the bars are bent. I'll deal with that next week.

After removing the radiator scoop to get access to the cables and wiring, I am now wondering if I should put it back on or go with the "stripped" look. What do you all think??

Nice late 70's Dodge in the background! Nice nike too
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