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Originally Posted by Geek View Post
I would like to respectfully suggest we try and keep the "chatter" in this thread to a minimum so that it isn't overwhelming to a new 9x0 owner as they're starting to learn about their bike.

Congrats on buying a 950/990!

It is an amazing machine...

Please find below a list of important issues that you should consider addressing (sooner than later) with your bike.
A little preventative maintenance will make your life easier in the long run.

Some things to know:

The HOW: This is the Hall Of Wisdom (HOW). It will take you a bit to digest it all, but the more you read the HOW, the more you'll understand your new bike.

SIDE STAND DESIGN FLAW: Your sidestand is mounted to your engine case. If you drop the bike on it, you could easily do a few thousand dollars in damage (as several members here have had happen).
You should strongly consider an aftermarket relocation bracket of some sort; there are many different solutions available. More info here:

CHAIN ADJUSTERS: After riding thousands of miles under the water, through the mud, and over the ice bergs... you are going to find that your chain adjusters have seized into your swing arm. Take a few minutes, unscrew them all the way and put anti-seize on them.. put them back in and then know they aren't going to snap off on you a few years from now.
Some people also like to drill 1/8" drain holes in the bottom rear of their swingarms to allow the inevitable trapped water to drain out.

MUD GUARD CUTTING SWINGARM: Take a look at your plastic mudguard that protects your rear shock from debris from the rear tire.
See how it lightly brushes (some bike yes, some bikes no) against the swingarm on the sides? Over the next 25,000 miles that will actually grind a hole in your swingarm. Pull the mudguard off and trim 1/4" off of each side so that there is NO contact with the swingarm (remember to account for suspension compression.. so trim it further up than you think)

Again.. congratulations on purchasing one of the most capable motorcycles ever designed. By learning form the Wisdom of the Forum your bike should easily last 100,000+ miles. We hope you enjoy learning from our mistakes

That'll start this thread. NEXT!

Remember gents, the objective here is just the essentials a new owner needs to know. The HOW is definitely the destination they're headed for... but this will give them some stuff to chew on before they get overwhelmed.
Can't thank the contributors on this site such as yourself enough for sharing your knowledge and lessons learned with new 990 owners. Its good to know you all have each other's backs when it comes to smoothing out the transition that comes with ownership of a new ride.Cheers.
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