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One Happy Dad!

My older daughter (8 now) decided that she was ready to ride late last summer. Since then she's done a fair amount of riding in the yard but hasn't "gone riding" with me (other than bringing the XR along to ride in the pits at a trials event last year). Today was the first time we actually loaded up and headed out for a ride. She started on the Oset, but since the trails were slick, rocky and rooty, she was more comfortable being able to sit on the XR50 (I brought both, just in case) and rode it all day.

She did much better than I expected. I did a bunch of pushing early on but I was amazed with what she was riding through/over/up by the end of the day. We took three trips up the biggest hill there - requiring less help from dad with each successive trip. If the trails had been dry I think she'd have made it on her own. On top of all that, she had a great time. She was also asleep in the truck before I was done loading the bikes.

At the top of her favorite twisty climb:

This is part of the loop for our trials event:

At the top of the big hill. This was section 4 for last fall's event:

Normally she rides in the backyard at home. Today we rode in this guy's backyard:

We don't have scenery like this in our backyard:

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