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All righty, they wants pics.

Mine isn't as pretty as the one above, but my winter project involves some remodeling, insulating and soundproofing. As the instigator of this thread, I give you this!

Mine is a '03 'Dodge' 2500 140" super high top. The partition above is right at the back of the sliding door. This gives 7' to the rear doors, which is not enough for an R1100GS- unless parked crooked. Hence the 'beak hole' in the partition. I'm leaving the partition where it is, its well fastened, and in a logical spot.

Beware that pink stuff is 'squeaky' even locked solidly into place, it can find ways to squeak. However, it does make a decent thermal insulation. There's lots of R's there. I'm tearing that stuff out, and going nuts with insulation.

Insulation is topic of much debate at Everyone's got their ideas. I may post a thread over there once I get finished up. I'd love to have a Geek-mobile, but I have a feeling, mines gonna be the cheap-ass geekmobile.

I've gone crazy with raam audio's dampening material, along with the shiny bubbles insulation and recycled denim insulation batts. We'll see how it works out. I have definitely got rid of the 'tin can' sound in the doors. I'm anxious to give it a road test.

I'm also adding wiring for lights and accessories, plus a house battery under the pass. seat.
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