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it's becoming apparent how an existing motorcycle's 12volt charging system interacts with LiFePO4's higher operating volt range needs to explored. this will be old hat for some, but how a charging system works will be covered shortly.

above is but one of the difference between real world testing vs load testing.

followup next day without touching battery resting voltage 13.17v. went for a short night ride ... about 15 minutes to a riding buddy's house.

then another 20 minutes to a gas station, then home. no heated gear, only lights. took 1.3gal to go 71 miles or 54 mpg. been really trying to go easy on the throttle. normal riding nets 33 mpg. In other words, short ride combined with low RPM is not a problem charging LiFePO4 battery back to full charge with higher 14.5v voltage regulator. (no heated gear on)

next morning resting voltage 13.7v .. fully charged
a LiFePO4 battery fully charged to 14.4v will settle to about 13.7v resting voltage overnight.

according to Shorai's chart above. voltage drop from fully charged 14.34v to 13.3v represents 10% of total capacity. then discharge voltage is extremely flat for next 80% of remaining capacity.

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