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Originally Posted by sark View Post
Hello guys,

Just got some new pipes and an AI removal kit. The pipes seem pretty free-flowing as I can see daylight through them. Is there a standard go-to carburetor set-up (jets and air screws) that I should use, or should I bring it to a professional to be adjusted? I guess if there's a standard carburetor set-up for an aftermarket exhaust then I could easily do it myself, otherwise I'd bring it to a pro who knows how to get an ideal mixture.

On a side note, can anyone in the north east (NY specifically) suggest a good triumph mechanic? Thanks for any suggestions.

I'm glad you like the pipes. Rejetting is a pretty straight forward process. AI removal doesn't really effect the jetting much, but the free breathing exhaust will. With a carb bike, you'll have to allow for the elevation where you ride the most. For example: I live at 2300' elevation and frequently ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains up around 5000' to 6000'. I'm running Arrow exhaust with the db killer, no airbox mods except snorkel removal, and 118 main jets. So far, I've done nothing with the idle mixture screws.

Now, my Bonneville has Arrow exhaust (w/o db killer), airbox removal kit w/K&N pods, 138 mains and 42 pilots, and a Triumph Twin Power modified ignitor. If you like to tinker, these bikes are great. I wouldn't worry so much about finding a good dealer mechanic unless you need warranty service. Find yourself a good tuner who can help you dial in the carbs. There's so much power that can be squeezed out of these motors without having to break into the motor. They just need to breathe.

Good luck, and enjoy that Scrambler!
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