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Just a note about the Honda ST1100. That bike can easily travel throughout Mexico, however it was not sold nor supported here in Mexico in any quantity, so parts etc... are non-existent and would even be difficult for local Honda dealers to get hold of. Just bring your own filters (air, oil), and anything you think you might need that could not be improvised.
Looks like a comfortable bike. If you come through, send me a PM.

On the topic of roads, the Xalapa to the seashore road is nothing spectacular, what is really fun is the road from Teziutlan to Tlapacoyan, the elevation of Teziutlan is much higher than Xalapa and the route is shorter which, if you've ever ridden it, will leave a long lasting smile on your face or, if in the fog, a different look altogether LOL!

Xalapa is a nightmare these days with traffic from construction. The day I met up with Julio it was only 2 hours from Veracruz to Perote, and coming back with Bob, who joined us in Perote, it was 4 hrs with 2 of those hours sitting still in Xalapa. Yes, we filtered but they had one lane for both directions of Friday afternoon traffic in two different spots which meant nobody moved unless you wanted to become part of a truck grill. No fun!

Skip Chachalacas, and head to La Villa Rica de la Veracruz, it is much nicer, far cleaner, better food, and better accommodations. Plus you can easily visit the ruins of Quizhuiztlan and also La Villa Rica is where Cortes burned the ships and made his first formal Totonac contacts.
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