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Originally Posted by cg View Post
I did. Very happy with my choice so far. Have quite some things on order and others to decide on:

- GPSS Mount (installed)
- Windshield Adjuster (Triumph installed)

- Heated Grips (Triumph, ordered)
- Engine Bars (Triumph, ordered)
- Hand Guards (Tiger 1050 including bar ends, ordered)
- Gel Seat (ordered - if it doesn't work out I have my standard as a base for a rework by Bill Mayer or so)
- Radiator Guard (Triumph, ordered)
- Aux Power Socket (ordered)

Have to decide on:

- Rear Rack, thinking of the Alt Rider with Give mounts
- Handlebar Risers, thinking of using the XX risers
- Front / Rear Fender Extender / Hugger
- Maybe a Beak - can't decide what I like better, with or without and if with whether it's worth the money

That's all I'll do for now, then decide on side luggage later. Might just use a Giant Loop bag that I can easier transfer between bikes.
Here is my black Roadie with beak installed, should give you an idea how she'll look.

Here is some advice on the heated grips. You may find your throttle sticks when they are on. If so, just put a thin washer between the grip and the small conical billet bar end. You won't be able to see it and it allows for grip expansion when the heating elements are working.
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