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Originally Posted by Dan Căta View Post
Perhaps it is :)

I know someone that has an old MZ250, built around '64. He built himself a hose that at one end had what you would normally use to inflate your tires and at the other end an adapter that would fit the thread to the engine where you screw in the spark plug.

When on the road and you would need to inflate the tire/s, he would just turn the gas fosset to off and then kick start the bike. Of course it would not start, but after a few kicks, the tire is inflated

The above has nothing to do with the tool, but I think it's a funny story, worth mentioning

Sure; they've been around since cars first appeared, and work great! If the engine is more than
1 cylinder, it will run while inflating. If one cyl, it pumps while kicking or spinning the starter (provided
there's no automatic compression release) With 150psi on tap, it only take a moment to inflate a tire.
I carried one for years, and still have 2-3. They use fresh air valves, so no gas-laden air goes into tires.
Perfect for use with airhead BMW's, as the cylinders/plugs have easy access and run ok on one cylinder.....
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