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Apologies for coming straight in with a question. I looked around the site and couldnt see a "Hello" thread.

I used to love and ride trail bikes, DT 125, XL185, KL250, Honda Dominator, XT500 and the best of all, KLX650 (Had 3 of 'em.....what a cracking bike!) Being a bit short in the leg meant the KLX was a bit of a handfull. After months of changes I was able to get the seat height down to a more acceptable level. Now I ride a Harley and love it just as much as the trailies I have owned.

Now, to the case in point. This modification to the G4 is exactly what I want but I dont feel confident enough to do it myself. JetGrl clearly has the mod down to a fine art. Respect!

The question I have is whether this mod can be done by someone on the UK? Does anyone know of a suitable outlet?

I have a spare G4 speaker set and would be happy to send it away to get it done.

Grateful for any advice on this.

Once again, apologies for not saying Hi, elsewhere.
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