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Check your oil after every ride until you get to know your bike.

Some of these bikes do consume oil and every one seems to be different.

As per your owner's manual, you want to check the oil when the engine is hot but I would also offer:
Come up with a consistent way to check your oil and do it the same every time (because the levels will read differently depending on engine temperature).
Personally I do it every time I get home and roll into the garage after taking my helmet and gloves off (i.e. engine at full temp).

The difference between the max oil line and the min (end) of the dipstick is 500ml of oil. As per your owner's manual, you screw it all the way in to the bottom before you remove it to check it.

You may find your first several rides that the bike is not using any oil, but the first time you really ride it hard (say spinning up the tire offroad or getting stuck and slipping the clutch a bunch) your oil consumption may be higher for that specific ride because of the revs you used.

Overtime you'll get to know *your* bike and when (if) you need to top it off; just take the time to build that relationship instead of assuming "things are all good".
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