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So, the dak is down for its 36k service and i decided to junk the rear plastics whilst I'm doing it

this is what it looked like before, not bad but that box was pretty high up on the bike.

Then you do this to the rear plastics, remove bits until there's not a lot left.

and this is what it looks like now, work in progress.

i needed a new plate, designed one in cad and had it water cut out of 6000 series ally for 35 / $55, think it needs anodising

And the panniers still fit, which is a bonus

Don't know the weight of whats come off, but it's a lot of stuff, plastic and steel. Left to do are a few spacers to mount the plate to the rear end, after that its drilling holes to mount the top box, figure out where the indicators are going, finish up the wiring of the led tail lights, yup theres two, the top one is there to fill in the gap mostly

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