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Originally Posted by mcmarcia View Post
Not sure on how to get the slideshow to cut n paste over, but for those with the photobucket account, here is what I did to get pics from my photobucket album over to the advrider forum:

Step 1: Within the main text body where you would normally type your narrative, first you tap the IMG button (the square yellow icon above w/ the mountain and sun) which brings up a small java script window asking you to paste in the URL address of your image.

Step 2: Then, go to your photobucket (smugmug, etc) album that contains your pics you want to transfer over to the forum, click on the pic in the album you want which brings it up to size. RIGHT click your mouse on the image to pull up a bunch of options. The option you want is, "copy LINK address" (NOT the copy image address or copy image). LEFT click on the "copy link address". Now you have the proper link captured somehow on a cyberland clipboard.

Step 3: Now go back to where you left off in Step 1. With the small javascript IMG window opened, RIGHT click just after the blue "http://" to pull up a list of options. Almost home now, LEFT click on "paste" and hit the OK button, and like magic, the picture link gets transferred over and when you get finished with your post and hit the "submit reply" button your pic will be posted.

Probably some shortcuts to this, but this is what worked for me. Maybe some of the guru types can educate us further to help us with some tips on this process. Hope I saved some from reading 306 pages of posts.
Thanks McMarcia!! I have been wondering how to do this and it is waaay easy
PS your gs still looks nice or the picture of it anyway, I was going to trade a Berg for that while back
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