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Originally Posted by B1 View Post
it seems you can import a custom gps route into igo8 (click here) or igo primo (click here).

it has to be a kml file, so either draw the route in google maps and export, or just convert an existing gpx file with one of the many converters around (a free online one here).

the above threads say you just need to make the following folders on your SD card and drop the kml file in.


what puzzles me is why the file structure for the igo8 is uppercase, but lower case for the igo primo. maybe it doesn't matter?

in any case, once you turn the gps on it should automatically import the route. then you can save the route, and the gps will then convert it to a .dat file and save for future use.
I had tried kml files but when imported to the unit it makes thousands of waypoints along the route as opposed to just the few I had used to make the route, this makes it very hard to see the route and almost impossible to change the route once on the unit. Any hints on a fix for this would be great.

Just sold the bike I had hardwired this unit on and have ordered another unit for the new ride, still very happy with it especially at around 15% the cost of an equivalent Garmin ! Just goes to show how much these units actually cost to make versus what they are sold for (by Garmin) .....
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