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Originally Posted by Antigravity View Post
Hey Bold, Actually if it was indeed 13.8v max output and that was in fact consistent, that would be fine for an A123 based lithium battery... it does not need to be topped off at 14.4 or 14.6... the nominal voltage is 13.2v for the A123 Based packs and that is fine for the performance required of the battery, and that performance would be great at 13.2v. After a full charge up to 14.7 it will drop down into the 13.3-5 range by the next day or so, and that will still flip the bike extremely one should be looking at the 14v range as the realistic operating range of the battery though it is a nice charge to point.. You want the bike to start effectively at is nominal voltage and a little below that because a majority of riders actually let the bike sit a couple days/weeks in between they really need it to work even after a little parasitic drain.

This goes back to my Power is King rule....For example...if you have an 240 CCA battery at 13.2v it will have trouble starting a bike above 1300cc.... but if you have a 360 CCA battery at 12.8v it will still flip that 1300cc bike even though its only at roughly 70% capacity... this is because it more powerful it can deliver more power with a lower state of charge.... So in fact voltage is only relevant to a certain degree itself...which I will discuss later....
Eight A123 cells start the 4.2 liter V-8 in my Mercedes at 46 degrees ambient with no lag and will do it 10 times in a row with the headlights on without slowing. Your 12 cell battery is almost absurd.
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