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It has now become a riding goal of mine to shit here - thanks... I think.

Originally Posted by dolomoto View Post
Highest point in FL...I've never seen another person there...clean bathrooms, picnic area.

Sidenote - I have some of the most beautiful scenes of where I've been etched to memory by the view I had, whilst outside, taking care of business. Don't know why I remember those scenes more than scenic view the hour before or after, but so it is. Ask me where and... I won't tell ya.


I've become less picky over the years of where I go, and have even just held a garbage bag up to myself to do it in an emergency. For some reason while on motorcycle trips it's never been an issue, but on true high-miles days I don't eat much... so a good morning donation to where-ever I start from can get me through 700 + miles.

Originally Posted by car94 View Post

Thats another thing the baby wipes are good for! And you can shave your crack
advice to those who haven't done this yet - use trimmers and leave a little, instead of shaving, or you'll be in for some possibly major discomfort when that stubble starts growing in. Shave it if you must for home pornos, but otherwise trim it down.

Originally Posted by woodnbow View Post
On the other end of the spectrum, I absolutely abhor is those automatic air fresheners, that freeking citrus grove crap stinks worse than anything any long haul burrito eating trucker ever dropped. Good Gawd!
My boss thinks those automatic air fresheners actually clean the air (he's not bright, but he can bullshit and lie the horns off of a moose, so he gets the promotions), so he had one installed in one of our small offices. Fucking thing makes me sick, and I've thought about suing for having to breathe that shit in all day. Finally he sorta got the point that he'd be responsible for buying and replacing the batteries in the damned thing, so now he just has about 4 cans of the automatic spray sitting in the office to use as FeBreeze air freshener... which it ain't.

Idiot bosses... large corporations never seem to get enough of them.
"After reading through this thread I've come to the conclusion
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