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Originally Posted by PTC View Post
torque converter bolts loosened up....converters have been re designed a few times so far. we build them and update them as well. (clutch dragging when coming to a stop...) to try and help you ff"s out...when changing tail/brake lights in the only mercedes brand bulbs. we had one with a tranny "nuetraling out". tore it down and found no real cause. rebuilt &worked fine. a few days later it came back, same problem. light bulbs had a different rating than the factory and the computer was attempting to failsafe the van. so how many people have paid for a tranny when they only needed a five dollar bulb? and for noisey injectors and pumps. put a half ounce of two stroke oil in for every gallon of fuel pumped. less is more on this. and olny do it every three or four tanks. oil first, then diesel. they sound like a sewing machine. less is more! dont overdo it and plug your injectors.

Mmm. With all due respect, those bolts were tight. They were also real #$@$es to get at. Of course, with 272k miles, its entirely possible they might have loosened up a bit too. The only thing worse than getting them out was putting them back in!

I do believe you on the lightbulbs- there's been all manner of reports of them causing all sorts of computer craziness.
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