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Tunisia - offroad all the way down


Me and my friends just came back from great enduro adventure exploring Tunisia and I thought you might be interested what was going on....

As much as I would like to skip all the ussual boring stuff with planning and packing before the actuall trip really begins, I still have to start the story with packing, where the first complications began...

17. February 2012 - the day before starting our trip
Its way below zero celsius outside (its winter here in Slovenia), so the idea is to take bikes 650 kilometres to ferry in Genova (Italy) with the car trailer. The bikes were packed on trailer few hours before leaving country when Peter on his Africa Twin noticed a major leak on his front (WP) fork seal. We did not have enough time to get spare seal and fix the leak, so we decided to just leave it for now and try to fix it in the following days somehow.

Bikes loaded in Slovenia and ready to be transported to the ferry in Genova. WP fork on Africa is still leaking. We left Slovenia at 4AM with temperatures around minus 10 celsius, so too cold to make 650 kilometres in 8 hours on the bike and not feeze to the bones.

Refuelling somewhere in Italy and inspecting if the bikes are still firmly tied on the trailer. We dont wanna lose the bikes.

18. February 4.AM
We start late, so we barely catch the ferry in Genova for Tunis. When we het to Tunis, we will have 11 days time explore Tunisia, before the ferry takes us back to Genova (Italy)
Our plan had no plan acctually. We did none reservations, had no plan for the roads, we just wanted to do as much backroads and offroad as possible. My only goal was to reach the sahara in the south Tunisia and ride some serious dunes in the outback somewhere during this trip and thats it!

I knew this expedition will be special, so I have made a surprise stickers for the companions for this trip, to stick them on our bikes.

Weee, we are on the ferry to Tunis already, the view behind is Genova, Italy, Europe. We were on the ship that weights 40 000 tons and has main engine power of 67200 KW !!!

Ferry takes 24 hour to get to Tunis, so plenty of time for us.
Meanwhile I met Eddy Hau (ex Paris Dakar competitor) He was heading to Douz with his KTM to ride some dunes.
He also gave me a hint how to fix the leaking fork seal on Peters Africa Twin.
This is Seal Doctor, tool that goes between semmering and fork tube, to clean the area or straighten the seal and in some cases stops the leaks. But we did not have such tool available on a ferry or in Tunisia. Hmmm...

During this 24 hours on ferry we also met 3 Italians that are very familiar with Tunisian dunes, since they come here for the last 20 years almost every year. So they gave us a lot of great info about the trip and the maps...

We noticed their adventourous spirit and offroading desire, so new friendship was born and we decided to ride together to the south of Tunisia for a couple of days...

So after we came to Tunis, we found good hotel in the centre of the town for only 5€ with breakfast.

After a walk through city centre we went to fix bikes, that were parked inside hotel.
Peter africa was fixed with random plastic part forced betwen seal (semering) and tube, and pushed around for a few times. This was meant to be some improvised Seal Doctor we were introduced from Eddy Hau. And happily it worked. The oil leak was stopped for now. Thats great, since in tunisia you cant get any spare parts for White Power KTM forks.

Mitja had some weird sounds and metal scrapes on front disc of his Tenere so we fixed that issue also the first evening in Tunis, before some serious riding next day.

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