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Important Update

Tonight I will have the gps files, maps and write up available...BUT..

This is a non profit event, in fact its a lose money event for me and the guys who organize it. We host the event so we can meet new folks, and enjoy a weekend of hanging out with like minded people. That being said this year there will be a modest fee associated with the rally. Still a non profit event

I meet this guy down in South America, most of you know him as Neduro. He'll be flying here and joining us for the rally. There is now a "cost" to attend the Rally, its $34 each per person. The money is being used to fly Ned here and back and cover associated costs to setup and run the event. If there is any extra money made it goes towards firewood

The Thursday evening there will be a Dakar presentation. There is a pavillion at the campground and we'll be setting up a projector and screen. I'll kick it off and do a presentation about my experience I had on the Dakar. I was on a support team so my presentation will be geared towards that aspect of the rally. I have a nice collection of photos I'll be showing as a part of the "show". I'll hand off to Ned and he will be doing a presentation/speech/answer questions about his experience.

I hope folks aren't disappointed about the fee and I sincerly hope everyone thinks this is a good thing. If you are annoyed about having to pay please just send me a pm and we can discuss instead of posting in the thread. This wasnt an easy decision as I dont like having a fee associated with the rally but we made the decision that the majority of folks will be stoked to have a Dakar Presentation and will enjoy meeting and riding with Ned. We suspect many of you supported his Dakar effort so this would be a cool thing for you.

I'll post up when the Roaming Rally package is ready for download (tonight or tomorrow). Your $34 dollars gets you a decal, and the download of the files.

Can you shoot Juames a PM or post here once you've signed up and he'll keep the "list" updated. We ask that you apply the decal on your bike, it kind of lets us keep track of if someone paid up or not. I'll bring the decals to the rally, so stop by, check your name off the list and grab one.

The maximum attendees is 110. There might be one or two spots left (not sure). If you arent going to make it please let us know so we can free up the spot for someone else



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