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Originally Posted by psu75 View Post
Man, I think the guys at the local motorcycle shop tried to rake me over the coals today. I went in to get a price on mounting some tires and when I asked if I could bring in some tires to be mounted, of course I got the usual gruff about "oh, we would rather you bought the tires here and had them mounted here"... So I said okay, give me a cost on it all.

So for the Shinkos, stock size, a price for the front and back tires was $96. Mounting for both tires was $100. I'm going to have to call BULLSH*T on the mounting cost.

Does that sound right to you guys?

$100 to mount two tires on a motorcycle???
Those mounting prices are completely out of line. Walk, no, run away from that place. The tire prices are on the high end for a Shinko, but asking that money to mount them is sheer robbery.

You should really find some help and learn to mount them yourself.
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