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That is fantastic Greg, congratulations!

When my brother and I were waiting around the starting line just before our first 50k (Tahoe Rim Run), a woman was talking to us and it came out that we were "ultra-noobs". She got all starry eyed and said, "oh, your FIRST ultra!" like it was some rite of passage. It was.

My crew isn't doing so well getting ready for our events in May (50k) and June (50M). My brother may have broken his foot a few days ago, not sure how, just heard the news from my mom. Hajime (the better half) has had some knee problems that have held her back for the past few months, she is just now getting better. I'm the only one doing ok, and I'm the oldest of all of us. If we can't pull it together as a group I will have to reconsider if I'm going to these events alone or not.
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