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Originally Posted by jttele View Post
test I give up, Picasa has me stumped!!!!
Look at the link in your image


Notice that it doesn't end in .jpg or some other picture type. As long as your link looks like that it will not work. You need a direct link to the image.

Go to that page. Put you mouse on the image and right click. One of the choices should be "copy image address" or something like that. Now type

[img] then paste, then type in [/img]. The result will look like:


Notice that this link points to an actual image that ends in .JPG. This at least has a chance of being displayed. The key is will google let someone who isn't you access the image. I don't know the answer to that. The result is this:

which works for me, but since I already visited the page that has this image it is in my cache. It might not work for others.
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