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Not sure where anyone would be exploring on this bike. You won't get far with big, wide 17" sport bike tires and wheels, small tank and an essentially road going set up. Those wheels are Light ... and delicate. They will break first time you really smack an embedded rock hard at speed.
Been there, seen it happen.

And how strong is that sub frame? If those hard bags are loaded up and you start riding Wash Board ... something is gonna give. Baja would eat that bike alive in one day of riding. I've seen this with 950 and 990 KTM's in Baja.

Steering a fat 17" sport tire in dirt is no fun. They don't turn well, no traction and prone to puncture.

I love the beautiful simplicity of the air/oil cooled Duc motor. Someday Ducati will make a lay down single version of that (think Husaberg), put it in a cool off road Trellis frame, add Ohlins and some crash protection and you're ready to conquer the world.

The bike shown would be a nice weekend sport tourer. Except it has no range. What is that? 3 US Gallon tank? Good luck with that.
I've ridden the 1100 Hyper Moto and loved it. Bye Bye license if I owned that sucker. But I carry more than a Tooth Brush on my longer rides.
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