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Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
Also, would a YTX-14BS start my car repeatedly?

Interesting rumor on the Ducati. The early 1098's had starting issues. Part of it was due to too much ignition advance during cranking caused by a software glitch but Ducati made a running change to the starter drive ratio also.
The Ducati fact I brought up i is from the new Cycle News write up, and the Ducati engineers explain what they did, pretty cool stuff and I guess the bike is the best thing since sliced bread according to all the raves... cool stuff.

As far at the YTX14 doing the repeated starts..... Maybe but probably not... You may know this stuff but for those who don't.....One of the issues with lead acid batteries is that they do not handle high amp discharges well, nor do they handle higher constant current draws very well... The amp hour rating for a lead acid battery is given on a very low amp draw (cant remember the actual number, maybe its one amp)... but the fact is leads capacity/amp hours will be diminished much more by high amp discharges than a lithium battery would be (using roughly equivalent batteries).

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