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Hey Cy and the hard core adventure riders...

I'm not understanding something, most likely because I'm not an Adventure Rider...but it seems sort of obvoius...

I keep seeing testing of voltage, an comments about starting in cold weather and questions, if Lifepo4 can handle a trip around the world. But what I'm not getting is that you have a technology that due to its extreme small size and high power would allow for a redundant battery system, yet I don't see anyone speaking on that...

If I was going into the deep places of Africa or where ever I would take two 12-Cells or a 12 and an 8 and laugh away that day knowing I have a system an a back-up. I would want security...Though I preach about getting the most power you can having a redundant system would trump that and provide for the massive power and amp hours if I needed itplus give security . Keep in mind the battery that sits doing nothing is not going to lose voltage/energy during the whole adventure... but if some trouble should start just a have a quick parallel connection for starting in the most freezing of weather at 720 Cranking amps and laugh at Jack Frost or just a back up source of power for a GPS...

The smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries
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